There are many Catholic children who attend non-Catholic schools. Some parents have no option-there is nothing else. Others are perhaps ruled by a species of snobbery. Some plead the distance and lack of transportation, which can often be overcome if two or three of the parents put their heads together about it. Nothing is ever done by being haphazard and lackadaisical, by sitting at home sighing. "I do wish I could send Kathleen to a Catholic school." You must set to work and leave no stone unturned to get her to one!

Many parents are absolutely unable to do anything, and this article is not for them, of course. Th{!y have to take extra pains to teach their children the Catechism and read to them from good books, and see that they are prepared for the Sacraments in due course, and also give them a thoroughly good example every day.

There is nothing can ever quite make up to a child for the lack of a Catholic School in its youth. Even the finest Catholic home does not quite make up for it! It means much to the child and his faith, but we all know that childr:m pay much more attention to what the other children say and do than they do to what we try to teach them. Environment is much more important than just theorising.

Some parents are unable to afford full fee at secondary schools, and therefore hold back from doing anything at all whereas if they were to approach the headmaster or headmistress, they might find them agreeable to appoint special terms, for the sake of the child's soul-if for nothing else, and many a priest will help if he has the means, or if he is governor of a school he will sometimes speak on behalf of the child. The Catholic schools need money badly enough, goodness knows, but they will rarely let money stand between your child and his Faith.

Never listen to anybody who tells you that the education received in a Catholic school is less valuable than that obtained at other schools. All the Catholic schools I have ever known shone well in comparison with neighbouring schools when it came to educational matters as well as standards of behaviour.

Take the matter of discipline, and that is a sore point with many parents. 1 Think of the marvels of behaviour which Convents procure without the administration of corporal punishment, and by nuns and teachers with serene voices and gentle manners.

No girl or boy who may have passed through the highest class colleges and schools in the land has any advantages over those to be obtained for a Catholic Home and a Catholic School.

Make sacrifices for this purposethey will be very acceptable to God. Let the children rough it a little for this purpose, they will obtain benefits to outweigh the "roughing."

Above all, do not forget to ask God, Our Lady and the special patron saints of education, such as St. John Bosco, SS. John Fisher and Thomas More, and St. Angela Merici to help you.

MALAYA CATHOLIC LEADER, SATURDAY. 17th FEBRUARY, 1940, page 7, women's page.

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