Members of Catholic Mingle at a Lenten reflection session.Members of Catholic Mingle at a Lenten reflection session.

A group of young adults say that coming together for Lenten reflections has not only strengthened their faith but also helped them get to know other singles.

The group, called Catholic Mingle, has been organising Thursday evening sessions at the Church of Sts Peter and Paul since Feb 23. They use the Singapore Pastoral Institute’s Lenten booklet, Through the Door of Faith.

Coming together as a community helps to strengthen one’s faith so that one does not feel alone in one’s Lenten journey, said Ms Joyce Loh, who started the group.

She estimates that there are some 100 members on the group’s Facebook page. She hopes more singles will come forward to “learn to balance their work and life better” rather than hide behind Facebook as a result of work.

“There is more to life than just work,” she said.

Apart from the Lenten reflections, Catholic Mingle also organises outdoor activities such as nature walks, cycling events and dinner gatherings. It had earlier organised a Lunar New Year lo hei celebration in conjunction with Catholic Connection, another group for single Catholics.

A day trip to Johor Bahru to celebrate Easter is being planned together with Catholic Connection.

Ms Loh said Catholic Mingle is open to working with other groups serving single Catholics to organise events.

“We welcome singles to join us in the activities that they will enjoy. If you can find a partner, we will be happy for you, if not, not to worry, we can journey together in our singlehood, to give one another support and encouragement in life and strengthen our faith in Him,” said Ms Loh.

Ms Michelle Nah, who has attended a few activities, told CatholicNews that they allowed her to get to know Catholics from different parishes.

As for the Lenten sharings, Mr Simon Goh said they helped participants to get to know each other personally as well as grow spiritually.

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By Darren Boon
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