It was difficult deciding whether to share this opinion of mine.

Having been a Catholic all my life, I feel that over time, many of us may have lost the basic compass of our faith.

Increasingly today, reverence seems to be of secondary importance. We have allowed pews and spaces in churches to be treated like concert halls and meeting points, with relentless chatter and mobile texting.

Is this the newer way of being church?
Recently, my wife and I attended a Confirmation service. As there were a substantial number of candidates, the Imposition of Hands took a while to complete. Meanwhile, sections of the congregation were already posing for pictures.

Our churches are filled to the brim for Sunday Masses, not to mention weekday lunchtime Masses at many venues. Could we be overly concerned about being organised and efficient that we have missed the point of being humble servants before God first?

We live in a world that speaks of quality of life, yet we deny ourselves the joy of pious devotion and reverence to the Crucified Lord. We proclaim the True presence of God in the Eucharist yet we empty Him of His dignity.

Kevin Toh

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