TOKYO – Young people in China could soon be reading the Japanese comic book version of the Bible, a Protestant delegation from the mainland says.

“Chinese youth love the Japanese animated comics,” Elder Fu Xianwei, chairperson of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee of the Protestant Church in China (TSPM) told a press conference in Tokyo on Nov 8.

“Our Church is discussing with the Japan Bible Society if we could publish the Manga Bible Series in China,” he said.

The Japan Bible Society has been publishing the Bible in comic-form since 2008. The last of the five-volume series will appear in December.

At the invitation of the National Christian Council of Japan, Elder Fu and four members of the government-sanctioned China Christian Council and TSPM visited the Protestant-run Rakuno Gakuen University, an aged home and a kindergarten in Hokkaido in the Nov 2-9 trip.

In the press conference, a reporter asked if the territorial disputes on Diaoyu Islands (called Senkakau in Japanese) had affected the two Churches.

“We did not feel so. The visit has been very smooth,” replied Elder Fu. •

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