SINGAPORE – Some 600 adoptees, mainly elderly, from various communities were treated to a Chinese New Year nine-course lunch at Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Upper Serangoon Road, on Monday Jan 19.

Guests were seated by 10.00am. But for the organisers, Matthew 25 and Willing Hearts, the day began at 6.30am as their volunteers prepared the food and activities.

Transport was provided to bring the adoptees from their homes to the party.

The celebration, held to bring joy and life and to spread the message of love to the community, included lucky draws, a lion dance, a magic show and a performance by parish priest Father Henry Siew with a live band.

The volunteers from Matthew 25 provide free breakfast and lunch to the needy seven days a week from 7.00am to 1.30pm at the Basement Community Hall. The project is jointly managed and operated with Willing Hearts, an organisation formed since 2005. They give free meals to anyone of any race, age or religion.

Besides walk-ins, daily deliveries are also made to various locations in Singapore. Presently, both Willing Hearts and Matthew 25 are 100 percent volunteer-based. They are supported by supplier-partners and donor-sponsors and are totally dependent on the goodwill and charity of people who support their work.

For more information on Willing Hearts, contact organising chairman Tony Tay at 9690 2086 or visit and on Matthew 25, contact the Nativity parish office at 6280 0980.

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