Mr Gerard Lee at a Catholic Business Network talk.

Avoid exaggerations and lies, which are common practices in the working world. Accept and take responsibility for one’s mistakes and give credit where credit is due.

This was some advice given by Mr Gerard Lee, a parishioner of the Church of the Holy Cross and CEO of Lion Global Investocrs, at a talk organised by the Catholic Business Network (CBN).

Mr Lee, who had previously worked for both the GIC and Temasek Holdings, was speaking at one of CBN’s My Journey Series of talks in which business leaders share their experiences of being “shepherds in the marketplace”.

He gave examples of how he integrates his faith with his work, such as displaying the crucifix and holy pictures, and also the Nativity scene during Advent in the hope of sparking conversations with staff.

He also starts his work day with prayer and meditation, from where he gets his direction and inspiration.

Mr Lee stressed that it is important for Catholic business people to have the mindset of Jesus, and to relate to others in humility, self sacrifice and compassion. Basically, they are to act and live according to their conscience as formed by the Holy Spirit.

He noted that it is easier to be promoted at work than to integrate faith into work because “faith sees a dimension different from money and power, the twin idols of work”.

“Christians are called to look beyond money and power and be cognisant of the impact of work on stakeholders – employer, employees, colleagues and the community,” he said. “Being a shepherd in the market place is not only about doing good work; it is a need to share how God gave us eternal life and we, as shepherds, are the ones who will have to carry out His will.”

Mr John Lim, a 27-year-old entrepreneur who attended the talk said he felt that Mr Lee’s sharing “was very inspirational”.
“He touched on many relevant workplace issues,” said Mr Lim.

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