Present at the Mar Thoma Syrian Church’s 80th anniversary celebrations (from left): Rev John G Mathews, Vicar of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Singapore (host); Archbishop William Goh; Bishop Terry Kee of the Lutheran Church of Singapore; and Rev Jacob Johnson, Vicar, CSI (Church of South India) Immanuel Congregation in Singapore.

At the closing celebrations of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church’s 80th anniversary in Singapore, Archbishop William Goh was invited to speak on the theme, “Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening” (1 Samuel 3:9).

He applauded the community for their active witnessing to the workings of the Lord in their life.

Reminding them that the basis for evangelisation is a grateful heart, he cited several reasons to be thankful: for the gift of encountering God, for His merciful love, for being chosen and sent. Sharing God’s Word, good works, living exemplary lives and testifying to what He has done for us are ways in which we can show our gratitude.

However, the archbishop stressed that effective witnessing can only take place if we make an effort to encounter God daily through prayer and contemplation on His Word.

In his congratulations to Rev John G Mathews, Vicar of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Singapore, and the Mar Thoma Syrian Church community for their work here, Archbishop Goh also thanked them for their ecumenical efforts in promoting unity among all Christians.

Also present at the celebrations were Bishop Terry Kee, Head of the Lutheran Church in Singapore; Rev Fr Aby M Thomas, Vicar of St Thomas Syrian Orthodox Cathedral; and Rev Fr Sanu Mathew, Vicar of St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral.


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