The Catholic Church in Singapore is saddened to learn of the killing of one of our brothers-in-Christ, the 84 year old Reverend Father Jacques Hamel in France in a place of worship. Such cruel acts are designed to instil fear and divisiveness in our society. The Church condemns all acts of terrorism and violence.

This heinous act is not just an attack on the Catholic Church, but an attack on all of humanity and decency. In recent times, terrorists have targeted diverse groups of people and events. Earlier this month, just before the celebration of Eid, ISIS terrorists bombed the holy city of Medina, killing many Muslim believers.

We must beware of the danger of using religion for political motives or for spreading an ideology. All true religions must promote peace, love, tolerance and uphold dignity of life of every human person.

We cannot allow acts of terrorism to succeed in dividing our society, or destroy our peaceful co-existence between and among peoples of all religions, races and cultures. It behoves us as government, organizations and individuals to stand together to do everything we can to protect our unity and our way of life.

Let us be vigilant at all times against those who seek to strike fear in our lives and to pray for peace in our country and the world at large.

Issued by the Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Communications Office, Singapore.
27 July 2016

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