Fr Richards Ambrose speaking to participants of the July 9 seminar at the Church of the Holy Cross.Fr Richards Ambrose speaking to participants of the July 9 seminar at the Church of the Holy Cross.

SINGAPORE – “If a doctor tells you tomorrow that you have one year left to live, do you think you will let life happen to you?” asked Fr Richards Ambrose.

He posed this question to 230 people, gathered for a seminar titled Discipleship at the Workplace held on July 9 at the Church of the Holy Cross.

The seminar was to launch ABLAZE, the parish’s new young adults ministry.

Fr Richards introduced the seminar by shedding light on topics of Christian identity – discerning and living out God’s will, identifying spiritual values in jobs and what true joy and contentment really are.

“People tend to blame the work because they don’t see the spiritual value in it,” said Fr Richards, who is parish priest.

“If viewed in the right perspective, any work can participate in God. All that participates of good, participates of God.”

He quoted Genesis: The first thing that God did in the Bible was work, and it was good. The primary responsibility of creating a satisfied life lies with the individual, and in order to attain that, one must participate in the creative power of God through re-creating the world by being the best version of oneself.

Difficult topics such as ethics and quitting were also addressed. One of the points emphasised was to always do the right thing.

“We are here not to do what we want, but what God wants. When one does the right thing, one gets a good night’s sleep ... Sometimes, God puts people through that unease to leave their jobs, so that He can provide something better,” said Fr Richards.

Mr Louis Khng, 33, a lecturer, said: “I felt enlightened by what was presented. For example, work being a part of us rather apart from us especially since we spend most of our time working. I’ve also taken the opportunity to reflect on certain principles such as to be the best version of oneself and the best we were created to be.”

Augustine Lim and Low Fang Ling, who are engaged, described their experience of the seminar as an insightful one. “This is a timely seminar to help us set the benchmark of our careers and learn to make discerning choices at work.”

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