Have notices advising parishioners to be punctual for Masses.Have notices advising parishioners to be punctual for Masses.The number of Catholics coming to church late for Mass seems to be increasing. Those parishioners entering the church during the Gospel readings are a disgrace and totally disrespectful. 

All latecomers should understand that they are distracting other parishioners who may be in silent prayer.

I am sure that all parishioners appreciate the voluntary work carried out by the church wardens in guiding parishioners to their seats as well as other duties.

From my observations, many wardens are treating these disrespectful late comers as “VIPS” by guiding them to look for seats. Some wardens will even bring them to the front of the pews to get a seat with a vantage view of the Mass.

In the first place, such disrespectful parishioners should not be accorded such treatment and should be left on their own to look for their seats.

I do hope that churches could display notices to advise parishioners to be respectful and punctual at all Masses.

Anthony Dass

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