The Archdiocesan Commission for the Family (ACF) invited its Family Partners (FPs) to a networking lunch event on March 19.The event, held at the Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre (CAEC), was attended by 56 representatives of ACF’s Family Partners and board members.

The event was part of ACF’s efforts in responding to a pastoral letter issued at the beginning of the year by Archbishop William Goh.

In it, he highlighted that the Church is called to be a sacrament of love and unity in the world: “Indeed, the goal of evangelisation is communion,” Archbishop Goh said.

“If our mission is to bring all into communion with each other in love and unity through our fellowship with the Holy Trinity, then we must seek every means to preserve, protect and foster communion in our workplace, Church ministries, organisations, parishes and archdiocesan bodies.”

During the March 19 event, there were opportunities for the leaders of the various FPs to fellowship and network.

ACF, the umbrella organisation for all archdiocesan family ministries, also got them to identify common issues and seek out opportunities for synergy in order to unite their efforts and maximise outreach to families as a cohesive unit.

In his keynote speech, Msgr Ambrose Vaz, spiritual director of ACF, delivered a talk titled Communion in Mission.

Stressing the word “communion”, Msgr Vaz invited participants to ponder on what was common among them; namely, their focus on the family, their common mission of building, empowering and restoring families.

Upcoming events

ACF says that following the networking session on March 19 will be the much bigger-scale ACF Family Partners’ Empowerment event where a few hundred members of Family Partner ministries are expected to come together to pray, reflect and be empowered in their mission for the family. It will be led by Fr Terence Pereira at the Catholic Spirituality Centre on April 16.

The series of events for Family Partners will culminate in the third and final one entitled Love Matters.

Jointly organised by ACF, Marriage Encounter (ME) and other Family Partners, the event will see married couples celebrating their milestone wedding anniversaries (and priests celebrating their milestone priestly anniversaries) come together to thank God for their vocations in a thanksgiving Mass.

It will take place on May 21 at Blessed Sacrament Church.

Those who want to find out more, or sign up for the event, can log on to the ACF website at

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