Despite the "hiccup" between the Vatican and the traditional priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) - which hopefully will be resolved soon - I have this comment to make about the public dress code and behaviour of these priests.

On different occasions, I came across these priests along Orchard Road, on MRT trains and buses and it was most edifying to see them in their neat cassock, proudly wanting to identify themselves as Catholic priests to all and sundry. Their deep love and commitment for their priestly vocation is reflected clearly in the proper way they conduct themselves in public, which speaks volumes for the Church, their Society and their zeal to make Jesus Christ known to others.

Some old local priests I know when I was a teenager behaved in very much the same manner as the SSPX priests. They were so proud of their cassock that it never failed to be a part of their dress code wherever they went. The power of the cassock as a powerful tool of evangelism - at least in evoking curiosity among non-Catholics about the faith -should not be underestimated.

Today many of our local priests are more comfortable to appear in public in civilian garb as they prefer anonymity for reasons best known to themselves.

My intention in writing this letter is not to criticise our local priests but to encourage them to be proud of their priestly vocation and to manifest it publicly by proudly donning the cassock.

Catholics love their faith and priests and it saddens them to see their priests hidding behind the cloak of anonymity in public. Wearing the cassock clearly marks them out as Catholic priests.

If the pope can make it a point to put on his papal garb in public why can't our local priests do the same with their cassock?

    Nelson Quah

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