Bringing joy to the Montalban dumpsite in the Philippines.Bringing joy to the Montalban dumpsite in the Philippines.
My spiritual director once shared with me a request he asked in morning prayer: “Lord, show me how to love.” This request became the starting point not only of my day upon waking, but of how I wish to lead my life.

Mission means service. As a follower of Christ, it is to concretise the love of God in this world, share the joy of being a beloved child of God, and help others make that same connection: to fall in love with Jesus and live in an intimate and loving relationship with the Father.

Specifically, it involves using my gifts and talents to touch lives, bringing light and happiness to whoever I meet and wherever I go.

As a single woman who cares for a healthy, independent parent, I attend weekly The Women to Ministry meetings that support women in their faith journeys.

This ministry draws women from all walks of life to come together and grow in their faith in a nurturing environment and thus to empower them to build a civilisation of love in their lives.

I am also active in my parish as a lector, and help out with the youth and faith formation ministries on an ad hoc basis. My latest involvement includes Pilgrimage In My Backyard, where lay volunteers act as tour guides to places that highlight the history of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

Previously, I served two terms in the Parish Pastoral Council at Church of St Teresa.

Apart from financially supporting the Institute for World Evangelisation – ICPE Mission Philippines’ efforts, I participate in reverse carolling, an annual outreach to bring the joy of Christ’s birth to families living in the Montalban dumpsite in the Philippines.

I became a companion of the ICPE Mission this year as I desired to live out the expression of my vocation and my mission.

ICPE’s spirituality of worship and evangelisation gives me that renewed focus and encouragement through faith formation and the sharing of lives as a community of like-minded individuals.

By Jackie Pau

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