What's it like in Heaven? Everyone would like to know the answer to that one. But as we grow older our vision of Heaven tends to become more and more abstract. So much so that many people have the idea that Heaven might be just a tiny bit boring. To redress the balance a little here are some samples from some school children in England who tell us what they think of Heaven. Strict theological accuracy may not be their strong point, but they leave us in little doubt that Heaven is a really lovely place to be.

MICHAEL: In heaven it is very peaceful. Nobody fights in Heaven because the people in Heaven are saints. God is Heaven and God is the master of Heaven. He is in charge of the saints. When I get to Heaven I will see God and the saints, and all the people that do not fight and the people who are kind.

ANDREW: I think Heaven is like earth but the people are much more kind and pleasant. It would be very beautiful too and it must be very big. I think that a lot of God's Family must be there and God will be there too when I go to Heaven. I don't know what it will be like when I go to Heaven.

ALISON: I think that Heaven is a sort of place with people in it. God is in heaven with his son. Jesus. There are also some angels in Heaven. I think Heaven is a big place because lots of people go there when they are dead.

PAULINE: I think Heaven is high in the sky. People want to go to Heaven but no one wants to die. God and Mary live in Heaven and so does Joseph, Jesus's foster-father. Some day we hope that we will go to Heaven and be happy.

SUSAN: I think Heaven is where God lives. It is his home. We have a home and Jesus has a home. It is a long way to Heaven. I don't know where Heaven is. I have never been there at all in my life.

RICHARD: I think Heaven is peaceful and quiet and all the saints are there, and God is there. We do not know much a-bout Heaven but when we get there we will.

The Malaysian Catholic News , Sunday, October 14, 1973, page 10

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